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I love Jess because she stands in my mind like a mountain purple with the majesty of twilight.


I love Jess because walks in the secret places of my heart.

god shines down
with heavenly approbation
as we sit, stand and walk
in that familial formation

with me as bleeding head
washing you with the word
and you as grace-filled helpmeet
towering as you should

in beauty
sweat to behold
wondrous to explore

I love Jess because her she is as strong an ox … endine! Muwhahaha!

I love Jess because her smile slays me.

I love Jess because her skin is so soft it blows my mind.

I love Jess because she serves me by doing the laundry.

I love Jess (I think) ever since the day I noticed her laughing in the back of the Junior High room on a Sunday morning – she stood out to me like no woman ever has.

my sweetest dreams
fill me with ream
upon ream of feeling

thoughts focused on you
my one love true
care to check out my ‘do?

you make life complete
though you don’t like pleat
on my pants – great feet!

today I love you so
and my name is just Joe
so come with me and we’ll go
with the serendipitous flow!