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i can’t get you out of my mind
you dance through it
doing a jig worthy of your indian heritage
swaying back and forth
your limber limbs
locking me in place
a frozen deer in headlights

i simply cannot look away


We already got married, but everything about this song is still true (for the most part – like the part about never being lonely anymore, that is true but not because of being married to ME but because you are married to HIM).

I love Jess because we’ll be together forever but we both know that we won’t be married forever.

I love Jess because gets my feet tapping when no one else does.

I love Jess because she makes a wicked Spanish*-Chicken casserole.

*See the following for the reference:

I love Jess because she makes my world better.

I love Jess because her eyes pop.

drips of off you
like honey on homemade corn bread
touched ever so slightly
by the creaminess of butter

it oozes from your finger tips
and from your mouth
leaving its mark on everything that you touch
and in every thought you express

my heart revels in your quality
and the joy of getting to explore it
in deep conversations where your mind
is made plainly known
and your light shines brightly
through your eyes into mine

in our interactions with friends
with strangers
seeing the Jess and Jess is seen
by no one else;
because hundreds of hours
have been spent together
knowing each other

and in being seen like no one else sees
my heart lade bare before you
my hope and my dreams
my strength and my weaknesses
made completely know for you to see

and still you love me
and oh, how I love you,
my darling
my beautiful one
my life

I love Jess because she doesn’t think that we will be married forever, and that once we die we’ll have a much better spouse to be married to.