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I love Jess because she is willing to spend the years of her prime with me.


I love Jess because she wants to build a Cob house with me.

I love Jess when she rubs here eyes and says, “I need to take my eye balls out.”

I love Jess because she has done more for me than any other person.

I love Jess because she create beautiful spaces.

if I were a candle
and you were my flame
then we would burn
with slow steady melting,
orange-yellow flickers
licking sweat scents
through rooms filled
with masses of humanity

our flavor would tickle
and the sound of our burning
would welcome
weary hearts
and calm stormy spirits

you bring out the best in me

It’s not a poem, but is poetic … or so say I.

Our circumstances are very different, but my sentiments are the same.

I love Jess because she creates a peace in me that give me hope for tomorrow.