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26 years ago today, you were brought into this world.

26 years ago today, my life was changed – and yet I did not know it. I had no way of knowing how your beauty would change me, how your life would captivate me, and how your presence would comfort me.

26 years ago today is one of the best days in my experience of human history. For on it, many of my other best days became possible.

So on this anniversary of your birth – my darling, my beautiful one – I would that you would feel the glory of your birth. That the weight of your importance and significance would rest upon your heart and that deep inside a joy would spring forth that finds delight in the beauty of God’s plan for you and for me.

I love you, Jess, and happy birthday!


I remember my best birthday ever,  and now on that same day two years later I want to let you know how deeply and how truely I love you.  Your heart has made me so happy these few short years we have had together.  You have been such a joy to get to know and to love.  I adore you.

if a corncob pipe I carried
and made of snow I be
then I would gladly melt
in a warm embrace
if it meant that I got to hold you

I love Jess because we’d have six or seven of them … you know … dogs … or was it something else … oh yeah … it was strapping youg lads like me.

I love Jess because she’d be fine with having all boys. 🙂

I love Jess because she listens to my dreams and aspirations.

I love Jess because she lets me sleep at night.

I love Jess because she won’t let me suck for too long without helping me out.

look at me, eye me close

open – slowly, please do it slowly – my heart

with your slow, soft glances

voice cracking as I cry

“end this burning! kiss me quick, my lips are on fire!”

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