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The eye is the lamp of the body;

so then if your eye is clear,

your whole body will be full of light.

even the sun serves your beauty.

your eyes cut through the empty air
using the light that gives this world life
as its cosmic errand boy

my heart quivers at the reflection
my soul surges
dancing, racing forward to reach you

grasping, fumbling, stumbling
to be in the presence of the person
whose glory breaks the boundaries
of the body before me

even the sun serves your beauty.


if a corncob pipe I carried
and made of snow I be
then I would gladly melt
in a warm embrace
if it meant that I got to hold you

look at me, eye me close

open – slowly, please do it slowly – my heart

with your slow, soft glances

voice cracking as I cry

“end this burning! kiss me quick, my lips are on fire!”

you make me
two feet flying
one slightly higher than the other
in an inexplicable show of joy

I love Jess because she has done more for me than any other person.

if I were a candle
and you were my flame
then we would burn
with slow steady melting,
orange-yellow flickers
licking sweat scents
through rooms filled
with masses of humanity

our flavor would tickle
and the sound of our burning
would welcome
weary hearts
and calm stormy spirits

you bring out the best in me

i can’t get you out of my mind
you dance through it
doing a jig worthy of your indian heritage
swaying back and forth
your limber limbs
locking me in place
a frozen deer in headlights

i simply cannot look away

drips of off you
like honey on homemade corn bread
touched ever so slightly
by the creaminess of butter

it oozes from your finger tips
and from your mouth
leaving its mark on everything that you touch
and in every thought you express

my heart revels in your quality
and the joy of getting to explore it
in deep conversations where your mind
is made plainly known
and your light shines brightly
through your eyes into mine

in our interactions with friends
with strangers
seeing the Jess and Jess is seen
by no one else;
because hundreds of hours
have been spent together
knowing each other

and in being seen like no one else sees
my heart lade bare before you
my hope and my dreams
my strength and my weaknesses
made completely know for you to see

and still you love me
and oh, how I love you,
my darling
my beautiful one
my life

we shimmy and we shake
fitting our hearts together
like jigsaw
paper machet

messy and wet
we stumble along
creating beauty and unity
with unschooled hands
and clumsy fingers

we get to learn together
not always easy
but my heart runs
as we do it
like a child racing across
a flower flooded field
in the early spring

one day we’ll have our puzzle put together
but today I am content to be
because I build it with you.

we are weird
our dreams and wishes come from
a different century
spread out
and sprawling
across the land
of life
like a river
wide and wet

at times they are
slow, sleepily sending us
along a lazy journey in the summer sun
with the feel of its brightness warming our faces
the sound of cool river water lulling us to sleep

at others the raging of the river
can be all we see
hearts revving with excitement
rolled up like a sleeping bag
sitting on our hearts like a dog pile

i don’t know where our river is taking us
or whether or not any of our dreams will be
but i am glad i dream them with you

our river is long or short
i can’t tell from where we sit
i hope it is long

June 2019
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