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Our First Easter

While this isn't from our first date, it sure is a good picture

Today is the day I talked to you about us. I don’t remember all that was said, but I do remember that I started out ‘the talk’ by saying something like, “I kind of like you … [insert some more stuff about why I like you and about how I wanted to see if we should get married to each other] …. So what do you think about that?”

“Yes,” was the word that came out of your lips, a classic Jess response – one where you said what was on your mind without really answering the question.

4 years later, I am so glad you said yes.


26 years ago today, you were brought into this world.

26 years ago today, my life was changed – and yet I did not know it. I had no way of knowing how your beauty would change me, how your life would captivate me, and how your presence would comfort me.

26 years ago today is one of the best days in my experience of human history. For on it, many of my other best days became possible.

So on this anniversary of your birth – my darling, my beautiful one – I would that you would feel the glory of your birth. That the weight of your importance and significance would rest upon your heart and that deep inside a joy would spring forth that finds delight in the beauty of God’s plan for you and for me.

I love you, Jess, and happy birthday!

I remember my best birthday ever,  and now on that same day two years later I want to let you know how deeply and how truely I love you.  Your heart has made me so happy these few short years we have had together.  You have been such a joy to get to know and to love.  I adore you.

your children and I
wish to raise our cups to you

we’ll sing with our hearts
and shout with our lips
the joy you daily bring

and as we drink
thanksgiving we feel
deep within our brimming souls

that our savior would die
so that we could have life
and to one day be counted with you

blessed are we
to be saddled with she
that is so loved and so honored
by him

so stand up
my kin and shout out loud
sing for your momma
and sing proud

Happy Mother’s Day!

Wedding PhotoTwo years ago today my life changed for the better. We made a solemn promise to be so filled with joy by each other that throughout all of life’s ups and downs we will stick together. I can’t think of a better person to have made that promise to. You are the most beautiful woman in the world, and I love you.

to my wife on valentine’s day: from her great lover as though from her Great Lover

verily, verily – the words spill
angrily from his mouth –
love is not
emotion only,
nor does it ebb and flow like
tides and moons and wants
instead its strength persists like the
need for oxygen
entrenching itself, immovable, absolute

hot passion it truly spawns
announced with emotions
scalding in temperature, dangerous in action

not fleeting, never empty
onward it drives despite
the obstacles
however great, however daunting
in me love’s perfect example is found –
now his voice turns soft,
growing like light on the horizon –

on my life
no harm will ever befall you

jess – my sweet, sweet jess –
each and every day
sends my heart deeper in love with you
unquenchable it feels in my chest
satisfy me with your nearness

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