if a corncob pipe I carried
and made of snow I be
then I would gladly melt
in a warm embrace
if it meant that I got to hold you


I love Jess because we’d have six or seven of them … you know … dogs … or was it something else … oh yeah … it was strapping youg lads like me.

I love Jess because she’d be fine with having all boys. 🙂

I love Jess because she listens to my dreams and aspirations.

I love Jess because she lets me sleep at night.

I love Jess because she won’t let me suck for too long without helping me out.

look at me, eye me close

open – slowly, please do it slowly – my heart

with your slow, soft glances

voice cracking as I cry

“end this burning! kiss me quick, my lips are on fire!”

I love Jess in those moments when all else fads away in the world and there is just us – two hearts, two minds, and two souls – enjoying us.