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This song says so much that is true about you and I its ridiculous.


I love Jess because she wore a crown of white flowers in her hair the day we were married – flowers that I dreamed she would wear.

I love Jess because she makes my body giggle all over with her tickling fingers, my hands fighting to break free.

I love Jess because she shares part of my being, a wholeness that I have never felt before.

I love Jess because when I am with her I feel the same sensations I get when I stare at high clouds, soft and distant in the daylight’s sky – a milky gold resplendently beautiful.

I love Jess because she thinks the Office and Psych are funny.

i used to sit and think
before we were together
before I began to call you Jess
about what a life with you
would feel like

it was always a calm life
like a bag of green tea
steeping in a big white mug
slow leaking its color
like an hemophiliac

it was a cup of tea
that i could hang my big nose
over the rim and inhale
breathing deep its vapors
nostrils clearing, mind running

or i could liken it to
creamed corn
sweat and warm in my belly
sleep slowly creeping up on me
sunday afternoon

but I shouldn’t have been
thinking like that then
not knowing you from Adam

funny how it all worked out though
thoughts from afar
turning real

I love Jess because she can bake like a maniac.

I love Jess because there isn’t another woman in the world I could imagine raising children with.