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I love Jess she isn’t afraid to tell me I’m wrong when I’m wrong.


I love Jess when she dances with me because its great to be goofily uncoordinated together.

I love Jess when her hair is up in a pony tail because she looks really, really ridiculously good looking.

I love Jess because she cares about things I would never think to think are important but really are.

hanging limp across your shoulders
wraps you in silk sheen

air rustles the fabric,
your hair hovers above
the earth, curly

my queen,
the princess of my youth
royal in attire
true in personality

oh, how I love thee

I love Jess because Fridays mean two days of nearly constant contact with her.

I love Jess because her is character is always improving.

I love Jess because pie is not sweater, nor soup warmer, nor Mexican food more wholesome than she is. 🙂

I love Jess because my choice for her will stand despite the circumstances that our life and Lord will bring us.